Computer Studies

Our Faculty of Computer Studies offers short courses ranging from 1 week to 6 months. These are aimed at taking you from basic computer appreciation up to a professional level.

Our current offerings include:

- Office Computer Professional

- Computerized Bookkeeping (Pastel, MS Word, MS Excel & Powerpoint)


Introduction to computers, Internet and E-mail





 Computerized Bookkeeping (ICB)

1. This Skills Programme is divided into three study phases, each ending with the submission of two pieces of work (five formative assessments and one summative assessment in total).

2. The five formative assessments comprise three Formative Activities (assignments) and two Formative Evaluations (class tests). The three completed Formative Activities will not be marked by your facilitator, but must be completed in the Formative Activity Answer Book included in the ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) which will be sent to you upon your registration for assessment. The two Formative Evaluations (class tests) will be marked by your facilitator, but will both be assessed by the ICB’s National Assessor upon completion of the course.

3. The five formative assessments will be assessed as a whole and will contribute 30 % to your final mark. The final summative assessment (examination) will contribute the remaining 70 %. On average, you need to score at least 60 % to be found competent on the unit standards included in this skills programme. However, there is a sub-minimum of 50 % for the summative assessment component only. For further information, please refer to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) website: This document is also provided on your Learner CD that came with your textbook.

4. You will only receive the ICB Portfolio of Evidence (which includes the Formative Activity Question Paper Book as well as the Formative Activity Answer Book) upon successful registration for assessment with the ICB.

5. The Formative Activities need to be completed in the Formative Activity Answer Book, and the Formative Evaluations and Summative Assessment will be completed in answer books provided on the assessment dates. These answer books must be inserted after the inserts section of your PoE. All six assessments have to be completed in your own handwriting (unless otherwise instructed). Please use blue or black ink or a sharp pencil in all instances. Typed versions will not be accepted. Also note that correction fluid (tipp-ex) of any nature is strictly prohibited.

6. Please note that class attendance is compulsory. However, should you not be able to attend any of the sessions listed overleaf, please inform your facilitator as soon as possible. Should you fail to attend a session during which one of the two Formative Evaluations is due to be written, it will be your responsibility to contact your course coordinator to reschedule such an assessment. It is not the duty of you facilitator to schedule supplementary assessments. In most cases, a supplementary assessment will have to be scheduled during normal working hours.