Elizabeth (Lisa) Renda - Bookkeeping Student

 BSI College is one of the best colleges I have attended. They have great staff that is always friendly and ready to help where they can.


I attended the college in 2012 and did the  Junior Bookkeeping course and with the help of BSI and their helpful staff members I finished the course much faster that I would have by any other college.


Thanks to BSI and my new qualification I got promoted at work so all my hard work paid off.


Anonymous - Accounting Student


Dear BSI College

The staff at BSI College are incredibly friendly. They are almost on a first name basis with you once you get to know them. They are very eager to help, even when they are not specifically involved in whatever project you are working on. They are just genuinely interested in sharing their expertise with students in order to help them.


My experience at BSI College has literally been a life changing experience. From my first class i knew that BSI College was for me. Also very important BSI College offer quality education at a very low price and classes are very small and the lecturers are always willing to explain until you understand.