We have on board, bookeepers, accountants, accounting specialist and Auditors that can assist in reconciliation's, preparation of financial statements, reports, independent reviews audits and also assist clients with managment of their full accounting function.
Our Tax services, done with associates include registration & Return Submissions of : Corporate & individual Income Tax, Employees Tax, Value added Tax (VAT), E-filling, Capital Gains Tax, Import &Export licenses, Tax Clearances, disputes, etc.
What we offer : Company Registrations, Amendments to Company Documents and Founding Statements, Contacts and Agreements. We also assist with submission of Annual Returns, Domain Registrations and Website Development.

BSI Accounting & Training Solutions together with our partners, has successfully provided cost-effective solutions to a wide range of businesses. Our team has tailor-made solutions for start-ups and businesses. Every requirement is met with a solution. To be the leading provider of financial services assurance and tax solutions, offering exceptional support and business solutions that give our clients a competitive edge while staying within their budget.

Creating Financial Wealth For Our Clients

We believe that sound financial management is an indisputable formula for creating financial wealth. That's why we have and continually develop products tailored to help businesses and individuals create financial wealth, whether they are large or small.

Quality assurance is a huge priority at BSI and as such, we ensure all our professionals are members of or belong to at least one or more of the following bodies.
At BSI, we value investing in people.
We have realized that to be where we are, it is because of others who were here before us.

With this concept in mind, every year, we carefully handpick interns to train our team and we can happily say that most of them have gone into the mainstream of the economy, and most are still part of the BSI Community.