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Our English courses are globally suitable for all ages. Packaged in 4 levels, namely:




We prepare you to be an
indispensable Bookkeeper, Accountant of Global Financial Professional. The Financial Accounting Program is for you and this accounting course will equip you with knowledge and practical skills.


Work as an Admin Manager; Office Administrator; Secretary; General Office Manager; Human Resources Administrator; Labour Relations Administrator, Office Manager; Public Relations Manager. 


Designed to teach you to apply strategic business management principles in a global business environment. This program will prepare you to work in a managerial or finance field in a commercial environment.

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Our Mission

To create value for students, business, and society through interventions that lead to career success and the advancement of knowledge. The long-term purpose of the college is to provide excellent undergraduate programs that will prepare students to become successful professionals in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

Methods of Study

We are a dynamic and world class College where excellence, cost, effectiveness, and quality meet a global market. We offer a wide variety of business courses for both international and local students, offering both contact and virtual classes, our 3 study options are:

Fully Online


Hybrid (Online and Face To Face Mix)

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Face To Face